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Global demand for intelligent manufacturing of gold industry in China how to layout?
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[Observation] global intelligence to create the golden age of Chinese industry, how to layout?

  Source: China Robot Network
  China's manufacturing industry added value has been ranked first in the world for many years, "Made in China" is to "China Zhi create" upgrade. In the wave of artificial intelligence, the concept of technology and energy industry and billion European positioning "to promote the integration of science and technology Internet and industry to promote industrial upgrading" coincide. In this process of upgrading, what will be worthy of attention to investment opportunities?

In recent years, similar to the Alpha dog defeated Li Shishi such things happen frequently. And these landmark events also indicates that the world has quickly entered the era of intelligent manufacturing. In this industry development situation, China's intelligent manufacturing industry development will usher in what new opportunities?
China's manufacturing value-added has been ranked first in the world for many years, "Made in China" is to "China-made" upgrade. In the wave of artificial intelligence, the concept of technology and energy industry and billion European positioning "to promote the integration of science and technology Internet and industry to promote industrial upgrading" coincide. In this process of upgrading, what will be worthy of attention to investment opportunities?

Global usher in the era of intelligent manufacturing
Industrial developed countries experienced mechanization, electrification, digital three historical stages of development, with the transition to the intelligent manufacturing conditions. The future must be a highly integrated and intelligent intelligent manufacturing system, replacing the manufacturing process of human mental work.

Intelligent manufacturing is based on a new generation of information technology advanced manufacturing process, system and model of the general term. Intelligent manufacturing throughout the "design, production, management, service" and other manufacturing activities of all links, and has the information from the depth of self-perception, intelligent optimization since the decision-making, precision control since the implementation of such functions.

Intelligent manufacturing process will be intelligent equipment (including but not limited to robots, CNC machine tools, automated integrated equipment, 3D printing, etc.) through the communication technology to connect organically to achieve the production process automation; and through a variety of sensing technology to collect the production process of the Data, through industrial Ethernet and other means of communication, as well as various types of system optimization software to provide production solutions to achieve intelligent production program.
Smart manufacturing floor rhythm for the "from hardware to software, from the physical to the network"
In June 2011, the United States launched the "Advanced Manufacturing Partner Program", which includes industrial robots, and launched the National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing in February 2012 and established the US Manufacturing Innovation Network. In 2013, Germany implemented the "Industrial 4.0" strategy. Japan to develop collaborative robots, no one chemical plant. In 2016, the Alpha dog defeated Li Shishi's attention. These landmark events, indicates that the world has quickly entered the era of intelligent manufacturing.

China 's intelligent manufacturing industry opportunities
First, when companies expand production capacity or new production lines, will give priority to the use of lower overall cost, higher efficiency and higher degree of automation of the production line, or its original production line transformation to replace the rising cost of labor.
"As long as the machine can be used, no people" has become the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta manufacturing enterprises consensus. For example, the recent development of the popular lithium battery industry, most of the domestic lithium battery production line before the level of automation is not high, many production processes such as material handling, cell winding, injection and testing, are still semi-automatic or even manual state , Does not meet the high volume and high efficiency production requirements, do not meet the power of lithium electrode its stringent safety standards.
With the leadership of enterprises such as CATL master the power battery formula design, structural design and manufacturing process technology, production lines are gradually from semi-automatic to large-scale automatic manufacturing transition. The next step to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing power battery, improve the verification test methods and standard system, is China's power battery industry, the key task of intelligent manufacturing development, but also for the Wuxi pilot intelligence and other domestic equipment enterprises have brought more opportunities.

Second, governments around the country strongly support automation and information transformation.
Local governments have introduced, including the introduction of talent and project guidance and other policies to support intelligent manufacturing related projects. Before the traditional manufacturing industry is not common software, networking and system Internet and other personnel, on the one hand by the "Industrial 4.0" propaganda appeal, on the other hand also feel the "Made in China 2025" policy support, and actively join the field of intelligent manufacturing The In addition, the intelligent transformation has become part of the local government to vigorously promote the project - "Robot Industrial Park" has become the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta's hottest construction projects, industrial park will accelerate the concentration of industrial chain and the formation of agglomeration effect, to facilitate the improvement of supporting industries As well as the introduction of entrepreneurial innovation talent.

Third, the import substitution from the vision to reality, has become the field of all kinds of intelligent production line to promote the main force.
Prior to 2010, China's traditional manufacturing industry boom, external and internal demand, leading to capital investment can quickly achieve profitability, so as not to pay attention to product development and product line upgrading. After 2010, with China's domestic demand decline, while foreign demand by Southeast Asia and other emerging countries to compete for competition, China's traditional manufacturing boom significantly decreased. Improve product quality, improve production efficiency, optimize the production process, has become a top priority in the manufacturing sector. Such as the pilot smart power lithium battery high-speed winding machine, after years of research and development and combat experience has been able to replace foreign imports of equipment, to achieve the international leading level, and many technologies are unique and apply for a patent, become a local technology To achieve an excellent representative of the import substitution, and to inspire the progress of the relevant counterparts.

Fourth, the Chinese from the manufacturing power to the "intellectual power" to convert the dividend opportunities.
In 2014, China's manufacturing industry added value of 20% of the global total, for many years ranked first in the world. China has been among the ranks of the world's manufacturing power, the state for high-end manufacturing industry to support efforts to increase year by year. At the same time a large number of highly educated engineers, human resources quickly converted into knowledge and dividends to support the rapid development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry, and gradually in the sub-direction such as electric vehicles, lithium, new materials, key production equipment and Internet of things and other industries Extensive "smart power" upgrade opportunities.
It is estimated that by 2020, the sales volume of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry will exceed 3 trillion yuan, and the CAGR in the next five years will be over 25% of the compound annual growth rate.

      Viewing China 's Intelligent Manufacturing Strategy from the 13th Five - Year Plan

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance in December 2016 jointly issued the "Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020)", proposed 2025 years ago, to promote intelligent manufacturing implementation of the "two-step" strategy: the first step to In 2020, the foundation and supporting capacity of intelligent manufacturing development were obviously enhanced. The traditional manufacturing industry focused on the basic realization of digital manufacturing, conditional and basic key industry intelligent transformation made significant progress; the second step, by 2025, intelligent manufacturing support system basic The establishment of key industries to achieve the initial smart transformation.

"Plan" put forward the top ten key tasks: First, to speed up the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment; Second, to strengthen the key common technical innovation; Third, the construction of intelligent manufacturing standard system; Fourth, to build industrial Internet base; Fifth, ; Six is ​​to promote intelligent transformation of key areas; seven is to promote the intelligent transformation of SMEs; eight is to cultivate intelligent manufacturing ecological system; nine is to promote regional intelligent manufacturing collaborative development; ten is to create intelligent manufacturing talent team;

"Planning" the top ten key tasks of the first two, is "to speed up the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment" and "strengthen the key common technical innovation." "Planning" proposed by 2020, will develop a number of intelligent manufacturing of key technology and equipment, so that the domestic market to meet the rate of more than 50%; break through a number of key manufacturing technology, the core support software to meet the domestic market rate of more than 30%. At the same time, "planning" proposed to build intelligent manufacturing standard system, to carry out standard research and test verification, speed up the standard system (repair) and promote the use of the year 2020, the system (repair) set more than 200 intelligent manufacturing standards.

With the deep integration of new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, China's intelligent manufacturing development effect is obvious, to high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, intelligent instrumentation as the representative of the key technology and equipment to make positive progress. But the key common technology and core equipment is still subject to the level of research and development, which is China's intelligent manufacturing development is facing the urgent challenge.

Several major related industries cited concern
1, robots. On the one hand, China is the world's largest industrial robot consumer market, but Fanuc, KUKA, abb and Yasukawa Electric control the domestic reducer, controller, servo motor and other core parts of more than 90% market, means that the import alternative space broad. On the other hand, in 2015, US manufacturing costs are about 5% higher than in China's Yangtze River Delta region, by 2018 will be 2-3% lower than China. Driven by rising human costs and global manufacturing upgrades, the robotics industry will rise to the national strategy, the next 10 years the robot industry will usher in the scale of the trillion.
2, things networking. In 2015, China's Internet of Things industry scale of 750 billion yuan, more than 30% growth rate, especially in the field of intelligent manufacturing industry networking, as well as intelligent transportation field of the car network, has formed a number of mature operating service platform. It is expected that over the next five years, nearly $ 6 trillion will be invested in the development of Internet of Things solutions. By 2020, there will be 24 billion devices networking equipment access to the Internet, the overall scale of China's Internet of Things will be more than 1.8 trillion yuan.
3, the sensor. Intelligent manufacturing will drive the whole industry and the whole field of sensor applications and development, thus becoming a huge driving force for new economic growth. In 2015, China's sensor market size of 121.3 billion yuan in recent years, the growth rate of 20%. Production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region, and gradually formed with Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Xi'an and other central cities in the regional industrial belt. The next five years, the expected food, logistics, automotive, coal, security and other areas of the demand for sensors will leap.
4,3D print. With the gradual maturity of technology, 3D printing will be extended to the medical, energy, aerospace and other fields. The next three to five years, 3D printing will enter the industrialization of the outbreak period. The global 3D printing market in 2014 is about $ 4 billion and is expected to grow to $ 12.5 billion in 2018. China's 3D printing market growth rate higher than the global average, the size of the Chinese market in 2014 about 4.7 billion yuan, is expected to reach 20 billion in 2018.


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