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People do their best to common development  

      Talent is the development of the enterprise, the competition of the country. Deng as the talent for the first enterprise resources, relying on talent as the fundamental premise of enterprise development, the respect for talent as the fundamental criteria for enterprise development, to promote the common development of enterprises and employees as a fundamental task of talent strategy. In the human resources practice, the first good at all kinds of talents to provide full display of talent stage, so that people do their best to make the best use. At the same time, through a variety of effective ways to continuously improve the level of human resources management and personnel comprehensive quality, and promote the mutual development of enterprises and employees, and allow employees to share the fruits of enterprise development and achieve common development and sharing success.

Latest job offer

First, the robot project engineer:

Job Responsibilities:

1, Independently complete the project design, put forward the implementation of the design program;
2, the trial;
3, the mechanical engineer's design and chart the level of regular assessment, and the formation of documents reported to the management;
4, can use UG, CAD, Solidworks and other software priority;
5, to participate in product project feasibility study, responsible for product mechanical structure design, the preparation of structural design program;
6, assume the equipment 整机, parts of the detailed design and packaging design, output manufacturing drawings;
7, responsible for the product production process of structural guidance and problem solving, responsible for handling the daily structure of feedback, to provide structural design technical support, responsible for restructuring products, tooling and other structural design;
8, with their own team and external service providers or contractors to carry out and record preventive maintenance and foreseeable maintenance plans, including repair, alteration (transformation) and small projects and together with the quality control team to ensure compliance with the necessary quality standards and Mandatory inspection of mechanical devices.

1, 2 years of flexible six-axis, three-axis and other robot engineers work experience;
2, proficient in automation and mechanical principles;
3, familiar with the use of computer-aided design software (solid, UG, CAD);
5, good communication skills, practical and stable;
6, familiar with the mechanical processing technology;
7, work seriously responsible, rigorous and meticulous, have a good spirit of innovation and team spirit;
8, have motivated.

Second, the robot electrical debugging engineers:

Job Responsibilities:
1. According to the Ministry of Automation to develop automated production lines, the development of related equipment control programs and commissioning procedures, the preparation of control processes and procedures. For robot power and on-site commissioning;
2. On the production line related equipment (six-axis robot, three-axis robot, etc.) for programming debugging;
3. Analysis of the relevant control equipment, power lines, signal lines, data lines connected to the production of wiring drawings;
4. Programming and testing of related equipment;
5. Complete other work assigned by the higher level.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, electrical automation, automatic control, mechatronics and other related professional;
2. More than 3 years of robot system configuration and teaching experience, familiar with six-axis, four-axis robot debugging;
3. Master the robot installation and robot (fanuc / abb / kuka) project operation process;
4. Have strong communication skills, ability to express, sense of responsibility, coordination ability.

Third, the robot sales
Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for flexible six-axis, three-axis robot and other types of robot sales and management work;
2, the development of customer resources, looking for potential customers, to complete sales targets;
3, responsible for the organization's sales operations, including planning, organization, schedule control and review;
4, to complete the company issued the sales task, responsible for the development of key customers;
5, responsible for the tender within the region and the entire transaction process and contract signed;
6, responsible for the robot's technical support and business management.

job requirements:

1, 3 years of experience in robot sales;
2, have a strong communication skills, ability to express, sense of responsibility, coordination and team management capabilities;
3, warm and has excellent sales professionalism;
4, with a strong sense of dedication and dedication, willing to machine industry in the industry achievements of a career.

Fourth, business assistant:

Job Responsibilities:

1, reception customers daily visits, calls, letters and other advisory services for the sales department to provide logistics services;
2, to help business people to program production, with the single, product delivery, and follow up for the sales to help;
3, to deal with the production of clerk to the statements, referral, documents, information, etc .;
4, accept the customer's complaints phone, do the relevant records, timely contact with the relevant business personnel to deal with;
5, regular telephone visits to key customers to help business people do a good job, take the initiative and customers to enhance understanding, the company's corporate culture, so that customers more trust the company's products;
6, monthly summary of customer complaints summary of the data, analysis of the customer's most dissatisfied with the situation and summed up the company for the latter part of the improvement and development of the program for reference;
7, to assist the clerk to recover the purchase price, and promptly remind the clerk related to the recovery of the money;
8, promptly put forward rationalization proposals to help the clerk grow, for the businessman in the business trip, the phone tracking once a day, whether the need for advice to help;
9, with the company other departments to actively carry out the work, such as: with the warehouse of the single delivery work.

Job Requirements:

1, college education;
2, more than one year sales assistant or work experience in the field, engaged in the robot related workers priority;
3, have a strong communication skills, ability to express, sense of responsibility, team coordination.

Fifth, the automation design engineer:

1. To timely and accurate non-standard automated mechanical equipment design work;
2. Develop relevant equipment control program and commissioning plan, carry out on-site commissioning;
3. To help customers on-site installation, to accurately analyze the scene problems, and make timely adjustments;
4. Complete other work assigned by superior.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation or mechanical and electrical integration and other related professional;
2. With non-standard automation design experience, skilled use of SOLIDWORKS, CAD and other software;
3. Agile thinking, easy to get along with others, obey the company arrangements, with a good team spirit;
4. Experience in the design of transmission equipment such as automatic transmission line is preferred.


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